Welcome to our Promotional Card Program

Looking to attract a new market of customers?

Perhaps say thank you to those that have been loyal to you. With the CheapCallingCards.com 'Promotional-cards' you can drive traffic and generate new revenue sources.

Promotional cards are an effective and powerful branding and promotional tool

Help boost sales and brand recognition. Promotional Calling Cards offer just the right reward to increase leads, reward existing customers, or reconnect with inactive accounts.

  • Establish brand recognition and corporate identity
  • Great for trade shows, seminars, special events, etc.
  • Help attract new customers to your organization or company.
  • Increase repeat business by expressing your appreciation
  • Great for building and inspiring customer loyalty
  • Can help develop and improve client relations
  • Drive employees to peak performance through incentive programs
  • Help reconnect with inactive accounts/clients
  • Announce special promotions and sales
  • Drive Web Traffic and Influence On-line Purchases
  • Cultivate goodwill in the community
  • Great fund raising tool for schools, religious organizations and non-profits
  • Apologize for a lapse in service
  • We can provide custom cards that can be tailored to any minute increment. Ex. (10 min., 30 min., 60 min., etc.)
  • You set the fees and taxes.
  • Your company's custom logo can be printed on each card.
  • Toll free access numbers and simple to use instructions.
  • Prior to every call, users can hear your message which can be updated frequently. Users can be prompted to learn more information about your company or product.
  • Domestic and International cards available.